We strive to give you the best experience possible, but some people are taking advantage of certain "gray areas" or loopholes. This page should (hopefully) clarify some of this issues.

You can call/text or email us to schedule your day and time. The maximum course size is 6:1 client to guide ratio, but if you schedule in advance we'll do our best to get you a private guiding day.!

Please be aware that there are terrain and weather hazards that guides cannot control. Climbing is dangerous!

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This is REAL rock climbing (outside) with REAL consequences. Please listen carefully to directions, pay attention to safety and put the smartphones away, you can tweet/fb/status to your heart's content later from the safe confines of your own home(!) later.

All participants must sign waiver and fitness declaration.

24 hour cancellation policy-if you do not call and cancel we will consider your voucher/coupon/trip redeemed. We live by our calendar and will always be at the prearranged meeting place at the scheduled time and place. Call 706.333.2089 or email rockytopguides@gmail.com for cancellations. We reserve the right to cancel any voucher that is expired effective from that date.

Weather Policy: we don't climb when it is wet out due to safety issues of guides and participants. This is the guide's call. Often, we cancel the night before, but can even stretch to a game time decision (as in, right before we start). Please inform us if you are coming from out of the area so we can call you early enough to cancel a long drive.

Meeting time: we usually meet at 9:00 or 9:30 in the morning and 2:30 in the afternoon. We will wait 15 minutes at the most if we have other clients who are waiting. If you do not call or text us that you are running later than that, we will consider you a 'no call/no show' and your session is considered redeemed.

We reserve the right to quit immediately if a participant is being unsafe (such as climbing without a rope), under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, or any other case at the guide's discretion where safety is compromised. There will be no refunds or rescheduled dates.

We reserve the right to cancel any trip or reservation booked with us due to inclement weather, site safety, or any other reason including scheduling conflicts.

We reserve the right to close dates to any promotion that we run (i.e. Groupon, etc).

We reserve the right to contract with non-AMGA certified instructors (who, of course, are completely safe and capable) to fill your booking.

If you have your own equipment, we reserve the right to inspect and replace in the event of possible safety issues.

All participants must wear a helmet.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, who also must have a voucher or paid day. If you have children under 18 you MUST let us know ahead of time. If you do not let us know, we reserve the right to reschedule you another time. Due to many variables, some trips/sites are not appropriate for children. If you have not made us aware of this, we may have other clients with different needs/goals. Again, LET US KNOW or we may be forced to reschedule you!!! Please see our family page for more details

Any photos taken by guides are the property of Rocky Top Guides, LLC but may be shared freely as long as attribution is to our company.

Gratuities-while not mandatory, tips are certainly greatly appreciated! We feel this is a (quite dangerous) service job and our service is to teach you about climbing while keeping things as safe as possible.


Meeting times: 1/2 day: 9:00-9:30 (client preference) to 1:00 // PM session: 2:30

Full day: 8:30-9:30 (client preference) to 4:30(ish)

Call or text for availability; or check out our online calendar


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